All of the human and hardware elements comprising Gigantor Studios achieve a masterful fusion of art and technology.


We are a full service media provider taking

existing projects to the finish line and accomplishing superior professional full music production.


Servicing your music recording needs.

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  • Music Production

    Commercial music, original singer/songwriter, band projects, composition/scoring.  No job is too big or small.  Our work is supported by a network of world class musicians and music industry professionals who are actively immersed in the business locally and globally.

  • Pro Drum Tracks

    Established L.A. Session drummer Adam Gust originally started Gigantor to provide online drum tracks. Even as our studio has grown to do so much more, recording live drum tracks is still the heartbeat of our business. We provide top-quality multi-track drum tracks for any style performed by one of Los Angeles’ best talents.

  • studio Recording

    Our well outfitted studio with high end gear and multiple isolation rooms provides a relaxed environment for musicians to play together in real time to be creative and record that live vibe. Our blend of modern technology and vintage electronics furnishes artists with a detailed pallet in order to capture rich and diverse sonic textures. We are the medium to connect the sound with your vision.

  • Mixing / Mastering

    Our in house team of gifted and seasoned mixing engineers delivers radio, TV, and theatre ready mixes. Utilizing top of the line tools with golden ears allows our mixers to bring your music to life.

  • Live Recording

    Legendary live recording engineer Bob Biles leads our team with decades of experience in on-site recordings from stadium shows to intimate venues.  We provide album quality live recordings at most locations.

  • Post Production

    Film, television, and new media depend heavily on great sound to convey emotional impact to the audience. We do so by delivering stunning media sound services including post sound supervision, music supervision, sound design, video editing, sound editing, voice over, ADR, and Foley recording and editing.


a web series for MUSICIANS looking to take things to the next level. new episodes are arriving monthly.

Gigantor Studios maintains a history of contributing to the success of the projects that come through our doors.  Our experienced and knowledgeable production staff cultivates confidence and creativity for your project.  This peace of mind empowers artists to take a step back and simply focus on what is truly important: the art.

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Patty La Belle, Christina Aguilara, Enrique Iglasias, Dr. Dre, Dave Grusin, Martina McBride, Earth Wind and Fire, Andrea Moriconne, Frank Gambale, Stanley Clarke, Kevin Eubanks, MASS Ensemble

BMG, MegaTracks, Killer Tracks, CBS/Paramount, Disney, Discovery, HBO, Showtime, Lion’s Gate, WB, NBC, ABC, CW, ESPN, BBC, Bio, NFL, VH1, History Channel, Telemundo, This American Life

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  • Ariel Mann

  • Kris Hawkins

  • Bob Biles


  • Adam Gust



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